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Company: Doll Family A
Head: Ludwig Practice Head (1/3 Size)
Skin tone: Normal Pink Skin
Year: 2017
This is a 2017 head, so there are no noticeable yellowing. 

I received the head in March 2017. It has a faceup done by me.
I can wipe the faceup and send the head blank to you if you prefer it blank, but please note that there won't be any price reduction even if you wipe the faceup.
P/S: faceup has moles; they are not smudges or defects.

Included in sale:
Head with faceup only.
Does NOT comes with eyes or wig.
Faceup can be wiped clean if you prefer to receive the head blank.
I checked with the dealer and was informed that certificates are not given for practice heads.

If anyone would like to give this floating head a new home (or even a new body!), please contact me here or on DOA (id: Galileo). [DOA SALES THREAD]. Thank you! ♥

Additional Photo with Eyes + Wig
!! This is just for your reference only !!
The head does NOT come with eyes or wig!

(Ludwig is on the left with brown wig)

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