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Faceups on Doll Family-A Ludwig and Doll Family-H Xiao Xing practice heads. The eyebrows still suck as usual (WHY CAN'T I IMPROVE?! URGH) but at least they can be covered up with the wig. (¬_¬) Considering they are practice heads, I'll probably re-do the faceup when I'm not feeling too lazy.... 

Left: Mu Yeong (Xiao Xing) || Right: Mu Jeong (Ludwig)

I still don't know what to call Xiao Xing lmao so I'll just go with Mu Yeong for now. Meanwhile, Mu Jeong (Mu Myeong's brother) is on temporary wig/eyes until I get one with similar colors as Mu Myeong. 

Left: Mu Jeong (Ludwig) || Right: Mu Myeong (Bach 1/4)

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Mu Myeong
■ Mu Jeong
■ Mu Yeong ■

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