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On a whim (kinda), I went and ordered two heads, a Mystic Kids Miri and Doll Family-A Bach 2014 Summer Practice Head, from an official dealer/agent (CC Dollhouse) on Taobao since Taobao now does consolidation and direct shipping to my country and also because it was more convenient buying from different stores from a single agent, kinda like Junkyspot I guess. 

I really like the Mystic Kids Miri sculpt but I couldn't decide to get her with a female or male body, because as you know, I'm biased towards boys. In the end I just went with the head first. They both arrived on 25 Jan and here's little Rain doing the box opening with her mistress. (>ω<)

Sorry for the grainy and heavily filtered photos. Rain's eyes looks fully black because of the bad lightning so don't mind it too much. (>_<)


She came in a MK pouch which I thought was a nice touch! And they also sent her card, which I think double up as a certificate, or an identity card, where I could fill in her name and date of birth at the back. The resin quality is a lot better than I thought, very smooth and the head cap close fully without uneven gaps in between (unlike some sculpts I own). Miri is really adorable and I like her little face. I want her as a girl but I also want her as a boy LOL!! I bet Miri will make an adorable boy as well! 


Uh, I don't know if the "practice head" is exactly the same head as their 1/4 boy Bach or if it is a modified version based on him. but I really love how he looks in the official photos. For a practice head, the quality is pretty nice. I simply adore those lips! Now I'm wondering if I should have just bought the full doll instead lmao.  

UPDATED 29 JAN 2017: 

So I did some quick face ups for them over the weekend and had them "borrowed" bodies from my other boys for photo taking. 

I STILL CAN'T DECIDE IF MIRI SHOULD BE A GIRL OR BOY LMAO HALP. Until I decide, I will go with a "he" (because remember, I'm biased lolol)  and he will be tentatively named Yeon-Ga, which means "Love Song".

And holy cow Bach is simply too adorable to be used as a practice head! I decided to call him Mu Myeong (or Moo Myung), which means "Nameless" although I guess he's not exactly nameless if he has a name called "Nameless" even if it is supposed to mean that he's nameless lolol. I think he just got promoted from being an originally planned practice head to a potential full doll. I  need to look around for a body for this little cutie! ♥♥♥ 

And might as well re-do a face up for Jeremy while we are at it: 

Yes, yes, I know the faceups, especially and particularly the eyebrows, suck lmao. I will probably re-do Jeremy's again, for the third time, when I have more time... but at least he doesn't look like an overcooked lobster now. (꒪⌓꒪)

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