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DIM Ace has been on my wishlist for like, forever, but I always put off getting him since he wasn't limited. I came back to the hobby after a hiatus and found that they were having a "last sale" for the dolls before the sculpts were discontinued, which was really kind of lucky for me because I was just in time to buy him. The sale was nice, but the trade-off was that he didn't come with the official box, which was disappointing because I'd love to have the box too even if I don't have space left at home for it LOL!! Anyway, I ordered him on Nov 17 and he arrived on Dec 28.

Here's Ota's welcoming him home! 

He was just ..."chucked" into the outer packing box, at least it looked that way when I opened the box. There was lots of bubble wrap and foam to protect him despite the lack of official box, but somehow, I find it kinda sad....

Seems like the boy has been doing all sorts of "exercises" while waiting in the box if he's looking out of shape like this. (._.)

Ota and me both got a scare at this point. At first, I thought he was damaged, but it turned out that the face magnet was a little weak so the "face" just "fell off" during transit LOL. 

Not shown here, but he has a really nice back and butt hurhur. (●´艸`●)  

Here he is in his temporary outfit. Ota can't give up the chance to take a photo with the new guy! 
*nudges* "say cheese!"

His name is Jeremy Kang Min Seo. Such a handsome little devil! ♥♥♥

UPDATED 30 DEC 2016: 

Did a face up for him but didn't realize it was too pink LMAO! The difference is so stark against his hand and neck. Anyhow, I declare this attempt a failure and I will redo his faceup again some time (hopefully soon), but until then, I guess I will just imagine that the guy is too shy around the house with that red face.... 

Yeah, yeah, faceup didn't do him justice *cries* I think he looks better without it. Oh well, until the next time... 

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