Posted Wednesday, July 22, 2015 // 17:49

Another LONG overdue post LOL! This time it's for my yummylicious Switch Mocha Waseon, who came home on July 22, 2015!

I have been eyeing their Waseon for some time since I thought he looked like a younger version of my favorite MMORPG character! The character I liked was pretty tanned so it was really a godsend when Switch released a mocha skin Waseon! 

This was my first time getting my hands on one of Switch boys and it was quite nerve wrecking! I was outside at that time and had to do the ordering and payment on my mobile phone with limited connection.  I was so afraid I might be too slow and missed him but I'm so happy I managed to get him! He's like a belated birthday present to myself since I ordered him on my birthday month!  (●´艸`●)フフフ  

Here's an equally tanned Jeong Hoon welcoming J.D. home!

I called him J.D. after my most beloved character in the MMORPG, Granada Espada (●´艸`●)

He actually has a scar on his face but Switch wouldn't add it for me even though I was willing to pay more, so I had to add the scar on my own, which was pretty nerve-wrecking, but that's another story for another day heh. 

My Baby J.D♥♥♥

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