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I've been planning for a new character lately although I haven't been actively hunting for a doll as I never really come across a decent, if not perfect, sculpt for my planned boy. At the moment, I'm looking at sculpts from Soom, Souldoll, Iplehouse or Switch for him because of the aesthetics, but I am also keeping an eye open for the perfect sculpt to come along. 

When Switch sent a newsletter for Mori and Ahi, I just had to check them out. I initially preferred Ahi over Mori, but he was in white skin, and I didn't realize they were the same sculpt until later (the wonders of faceups!). 

Fingers being itchy, I went to take a closer look at the other Switch boys again, this time with the looks of my character in mind. I even did some "research" on Flickr. And damn, I am really liking Waseon for my new boy. Granted, there's a few minor differences, like his jaws or chin isn't as sharp as Waseon's, but Waseon comes close to being just a slightly younger version of my character. 

And he is sold out. LOL!! 

Well, I guess I can only hope for a re-release, ideally in mocha skin since my boy is supposed to be slightly tanned. At least I'll have some time to save up on the dolly fund as Switch don't accept layaway. 

Either that, or pray for the "totally perfect" sculpt to come along. (A girl can always dream!). 

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Blogger Ai Lin said...

mocha skin would be so lovely! Don't worry, Switch often does re-releases it seems :3~!

Friday, January 30, 2015 3:15:00 pm  

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