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Sorry, some really crappy photos here. The weather isn't very good lately and I tried taking some photos of Takeru with no flash and with flash. I think photos without flash look nicer but I hate that their eyes always look like black pits, especially since my dolls mostly have brown or grey eyes. Then again, flash makes their face and wig look so... plasticky. Wish I lived in a house where there's lots of natural sunlight. Meanwhile, I'm trying to switch most of them to lighter eyes... 

But enough with the rant, here's a little something on Takeru~ (≧ー≦)​ ​


• Outfit • 
I mentioned somewhere on the blog that I wanted my mini boys to wear traditional garbs, like the Korean Hanbok (currently worn by half-Korean Daniel) and the Japanese Kariginu (planned for Takeru's future buddy). So Takeru gets to wear the Hakama instead. I actually wanted him to wear a Montsuki like this, but for the life of me, I couldn't find anything similar on Taobao. So I just went with a basic all-black Hakama ensemble... at least for now. The outfit is from this shop and they have more designs available now, though I find the Hakama to be kind of short on him.  

• Kitsune Mask • 
Unfortunately, the Kitsune masks from Taobao were either not what I wanted or they didn't have it in 1/4 scale. So I made the Kitsune mask myself out of air dry clay. Not really awesome craftwork and I cheated too, by using pens to ink it instead of paint lmao!! (​  ̄▿​ ̄ ​) The mask Takeru is currently using is actually not really his as it is in 1/6 scale and originally meant for the tinies. Long story short, I screwed up his actual mask (in the 1/4 scale) so now he's temporarily using the tinies' mask until I stop being lazy and remake another one for him! 

Katana and Wakizashi
These were really a pain in the ass to get. It was hard finding a decent Japanese weapon in 1/4 scale. I actually found a nice looking katana in 1/3 scale and thought maybe I could make it work based on the listed measurements, but it was too big even for a 1/3 boy! So it was back to the hunt and this time I found the Mononofu and Shinkenki series of miniature swords in 1/6 scale. There are some famous names among the collections, like the Masamune which I was initially dying to get my hands on! But after digging around a little more, I chanced upon the Katana and Wakizashi of Okada Izō, a samurai-assassin coincidentally played by Satoh Takeru in the Japanese drama Ryomaden! This makes it really perfect for Takeru, since he is named after Satoh Takeru LOL!! It helped that I like the design and it was just the right color to go with his outfit. It was the only one on Taobao during my hunt, so I grabbed it despite my misgivings with the 1/6 size which I feared might be too small, but it turned out to be not too bad. Thanks dolly god for smaller-sized slim minis like the minifees!

You don't mess with this guy! (҂`д´ )

I am actually kind of loving these Japanese collector's miniature weapons now due to all those "researches" I have been doing during my hunt. They are really small but still quite intricate. I probably wouldn't discount getting another one in the future for the little ones! That is, if (big if) I have the cash to spare! ( ´ ​​▽ ` )

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