Posted Sunday, March 09, 2014 // 15:29

I don't think I ever post a photo of J on the Little Monica Type A body so here are some recent ones! I really like the sculpting of the body and it helps that the Little Monica body is a match with several many heads, like Migidoll! J is a msDoll Drayton (2nd) and the head is a perfect match with the LM body both proportion and skin-tone wise. Of course, his posing ability is not as superb as Fairyland dolls, but he can do several basic poses and still looks good so I'm cool with it so far (anyway, it's not like he's a gymnast or anything ROFL)!  

So, some J spaaaaam!

J on Little Monica Body
Looking good!

J on Little Monica Body
*Striking a pose*

J on Little Monica Body
"Nothing... just scratching an itch."

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