Posted Sunday, August 11, 2013 // 19:39

It's "official". I've finally decided to list Chouette (previously Hyun) up for sale on DOA. Among all my dolls, he is the one whom I work on the most given the crappy state Leeke World sent him in to me (bad seams and all that). He is also the one who has undergone the most makeovers to find a look that suits him. Despite all that work, which some said is supposed to aid in bonding, I somehow still find something lacking. Sometimes, I wish I can bring out the potential in him like some owners I've seen done with their dolls. But I wonder if it's time for him to find someone who can work their magic on him. I must admit I am apprehensive about listing him as I don't think he's a popular sculpt, but hopefully, he will find someone who will love him enough to give him a new home...

More details on the little guy in the sales thread here
(Price is negotiable! ^^)
Thank you!

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