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It took me a while before I had a little more time to finally sit down and work on my Switch head's faceup... I was really worried about getting my first attempt wrong as I didn't want to rewipe the faceup and risk damaging the lovely resin (an irrational fear, I know). But everything looked okay until it was time to put in the eyes and the wig, that's when I noticed something was really off!

Aki's First Crappy Faceup!

I suppose you can see the problem at first glance in the photo, though it wasn't that apparent while I was working on it. I really hate the eyebrows, which are not only misaligned but they also make him look really dorky. I wish I can draw symmetrical and expressive eyebrows like professional artists do but hey, I'm no pro... I still wish I can get better at it though. (;___;) So I'll probably have to end up re-doing the faceup again some day, or send him off to an artist. Meanwhile, I'll probably just find another wig to hide his eyebrows temporarily... 

Until then, have some dorky Aki's spam. (≧▽≦)

Aki's First Crappy Faceup!
Shown here with J's outfit and Little Monica body!
It will probably be quite a while before he gets his own body.
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