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No thanks to Volks Sakamoto Ryoma (whom I was too broke to bring home), I've decided to save up for another dolly fund just in case Volks ever decided to re-release him, or if I ever get screwed by an unexpected time-limited doll not in my "acquisition list" LOL. So I dug through my dolly wardrobe hoping to find some unused wigs and outfits to sell on my DOA sales threads. I'm still sorting through the stuff, but already I'm starting to feel that dolly fund #2 might be in jeopardy... after taking photos of the wigs and outfits, I couldn't bear to part with some of them LOL! Oh jeez. 

Case in Point:

Wigs Tryout!

This Licht wig was originally bought for another boy but it didn't suit him... so I was thinking of selling it and got J. to model the wig. But dang, I actually think J. looks good in it! (♥​♥) Now I can't decide if I want to sell it ROFL! Maybe I'll hold on to it a little longer?! ​( ̄​​​​◇ ̄;)​

Wigs Tryout!

No reason... spamming because I just like this shot of J in this Crobidoll wig! LOL

Wigs Tryout!

I got this Angell Studio wig simply because I love the pretty colors. I kind of can't bear to see it go, but I don't have a girl mini so it's pretty much pointless holding on to it, unless somehow one of my future boys likes having pretty long hair LOL! (Oh hey!) ∑(​°​​​◇°​ノ)​ノ ​

At the rate I'm going, I seriously doubt that dolly fund #2 will ever happen. Here's to hoping that I'll actually manage to raise some moolah LOL!! ​( ​​ ̄、 ̄o)

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