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Switch had a Symphony event earlier in May whereby some of their older heads were re-released for sale, and among them was Huisa, one of the boys I've been eyeing from Switch (the other being Hahwa but sadly, he wasn't released as a head-only during the event T_T). So I got Huisa's head on May 17 and he arrived without much fuss on July 25. I know it's September now... a heck of a long time to post up his box opening even with a backlog, but in my defense, there are too many projects, too little time, just like there are too many dolls, too little money LOL!

Anyway, it was a simple box opening ceremony and Junsu and Miyu was there to welcome him. Forgive the grainy/dark pictures as they were taken at night! 

I really love the feel of the resin and the sculpting details of the head! I originally had a character in mind for him but upon seeing his sculpt in person, I think he is actually more suitable to be one of my OCs, Seguchi Aki. Sad to say, he is still a work in progress and the-pluto-kind-of-far from completion. I'd eventually love to get him his own body, but I have a feeling it won't be any time soon as I'll have to do some research on the body match and there are also other dolls on my *ahem*acquisition*ahem* list to keep a lookout for this year. So meanwhile he'll be just sharing J's Little Monica body.

I'll be posting up some photos of his first crappy faceup in another post when I'm done editing the photos. Stay tune? >w< 

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