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Here are some photos of little Miyu. It's part-"photography" (yes, they are crappy), part-photostory, and part-comparison shots with 26cm (L Jr.), 45cm (Daniel) and 65cm (L) bjds. Enjoy!! 

So here she comes...
...rocking her way to Café Galileo on her little white horse.

It's her first day here... so she's a little shy...

But then she spotted something really cool...

...And doesn't hesitate to lay her claims on him!

But Daniel is undaunted by the little one...
Daniel: Now, this is the right way for a family photo.

And so she sets her eyes on J!
Miyu: You and me, we gonna marry when you get your body, 'kay?
J: *pretends not to hear*

And handcuffed Junior L to her, just to keep the cute guys near.
(Smart girl, this little one!)

But Senior L doesn't appreciate having to keep pulling her out of his shirt!
Miyu: But I didn't touch anything (yet)!!

So she took over his laptop,
since she can't take over his body....

And that's the end of the stor--

Wait... what?! 
Don't you go around hunting for a playmate!

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Blogger kiro said...

Haha, what a spritfull girl! <3
Come 'ere Rain, I have more cool guys *couchYujiancouch* you can play with.
Watch out! She's gonna summon an army of sisters with magicalappletingmachine!! lol

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 1:16:00 am  
Blogger ~ Vienni said...

She's so tiny & very fast in claiming all the boys~ *cough cough don't let your Rain meets my Fei*

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 11:04:00 am  
Blogger Galileo said...

@kiro Awww she'll definitely go feely-touchy all over your boy! (Probably a little like me in that sense? LOOOL!)

@~ Vienni Whhyy?? How can you keep such a handsome guy away from the little one? D:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 2:40:00 pm  

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