Posted Thursday, September 22, 2011 // 20:54

I just had a really crazy idea. At the moment, my little ones can be sorted into based-on-characters team (Manabu, Masaru), based-on-idols team (Tetsuya, Chil Hyun), chibi Death Note team (L, Near), and now I think I want to add a chibi Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children team LOL. Like, Cloud, Vincent, Rufus and Sephiroth. In home-y outfits instead of their default costumes. Can you imagine chibi Cloud wearing cute little kitty sweater or hoodie sitting on your bed? That would be E-P-I-C cuteness overload!! Hey! I could call them the CLOVeRS Team! (CLOud, Vincent, (e) Rufus, Sephiroth)!! OMG. I am so hyped. Gonna start planning. Weeeee~ go go me!! o(>w<)O

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