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A lovely someone who bought my previous outfits pm'ed me on DoA, asking about 'commissioning' a 'woodsy' theme, dark green or dark blue outfit with a cloak. A trip to my local store only netted me with a plain dark midnight blue fabric, and I couldn't find lace or ribbons of similar colors to match what I had in mind. What I did found was a lighter, different shade of blue "lacy ribbon", so I was a little stumped about what to do with it. I decide to just go with it and work out the basic dress, which upon finishing I thought was pretty o----kay (read: bleh). But adding in the mini cape and headgear, which was a last minute change from the bow I thought I would do, I'm quite pleased with the finished outfit even if it may not be perfect or doesn't look "woodsy"! OTL

So here, I present you Midnight Rose~ ♥

♔ Midnight Rose ♔
In the heart of midnight, a lovely rose blooms...

☆ Sales Info ☆

Set includes: dress, headwear, mini cape
Size: Tinies, 1/6 dolls, yo-SDs.
USD $10.00 Sold

Has been tested to fit on:
* Luts Honey Delfs
* Volks Yo-SDs
* Rosen Lied Tuesday Child
*Leeke D-Type (2nd Type body)
Will fit dolls with other similar measurements (chest: 13cm)

Outfit is still no longer for sale. >w<
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* Please handle with care; do not machine wash or pull roughly.
* Color of actual outfit may differ slightly due to monitor setting.





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