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I'm clearing dolly items that I no longer need or have any use for (aka doesn't suit my boys or dolly plans). There's too many items to post all up here (a lazybum's excuse) so I'll just list a summary here. Most items are still unused except to try on my little ones. For specific information and pictures, please refer to the respective DOA threads!

[+] Outfits
[+] Eyes
[+] Wigs

List of newly added items:

• Tata 1/6 Reindeer Panty Sold
• Sunny Black Cotton Shorts for Tinies

• Dollmore Acrylic Eyes 14mm - Purple Sold
• Dollmore Acrylic Eyes 14mm - Green Sold
• Dollmore Acrylic Eyes 14mm - Dark Teal Sold
• Dollmore Acrylic Eyes 14mm - Teal with a butterfly as the pupil  Sold
• Dollmore Acrylic Eyes 14mm - Red Cat Eyes
• Luts Type B Glass Eyes 14mm - Light Blue
• Angell Studio Glass Eyes 16mm - Dark Reddish-Purple Shimmery

• Leeke World 8-9inch LR-040_E (Slate Gray)
• Leeke World 8-9inch LR-004_E (Eve Cream) Sold
• Leeke World 8-9inch LR-066_E (Royal Gray / Slate Gray)
• Unknown 7-8inch Fur Wig (Snow White)
    Please take a look at the respective threads for more details and pictures! >w<





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