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So, my little Manabu (Jr.) need a little brother. After weeks of deciding whether to bring Sage or Poppy home, I eventually went with Sage. After a month of waiting and staring at each other, Manabu and I got news that Sage was shipped!!

He was supposed to reach on July 13, but he came earlier on July 12. So here's the little box opening, with Manabu welcoming Sage into our little home~ (Pardon for the dark pics as these were taken at night!)

The certificate card. I am really honored to have Sephiroth as my boy body's sculptor. Glad to see after the FF7 saga that Sephiroth has gone underground sculpting bodies just as Cloud is above-ground making deliveries lol

Default wig and outfit! And the hands are just so cute!

And my little boy is his supposed outfit and wig. He is so lovely!!! ♥

BUT... there's a little problem. I don't think they could be brothers, because Manabu's head is evidently bigger than Sage's. They look weird together I think... so Sage'll probably have to be a different character (he is now Si Hoo, who also likes cosplaying as L Junior!).

But I don't regret getting him at all. Rosenlied doesn't disappoint, I love Sephiroth and Sage is just too cute!!! ♥ *wish I could have another Sage (or Poppy). LOL*

Thank you for watching! >w<

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Blogger Machiko said...

Ohh...Rosenlied's faceups are so lovely!! ♥ I meant to ask, what is your new boy's name? :D

Your Sage can be a long lost brother to my Sage...LOL That would be kind of funny ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011 7:43:00 pm  
Blogger Galileo said...

@Machiko He was supposed to be Masaru, but I might have to change his character due to the head size differences.... OTL

Friday, July 15, 2011 12:16:00 pm  

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