Posted Thursday, June 30, 2011 // 14:15

I am clearing away some of my dolly stuff! >w<
You can view them or read more details in my DOA sales thread.
Please take a look and send me a PM on DOA if you see anything you like!
Thank you! ♥


Angell Studio 1/6 BJD Cute Lemon Swimming Suit
USD $12.00 Sold

Less than 1 year old, still in good condition.
However, please note that the cherry was pasted upside down.
Set comes with swimming suit and swimming cap.

Tata 1/6 White Shorts with Red Belt
USD $8.00

Item was bought late 2010. Still in brand new condition.

Alice's Collection HL004 Glasses for 1/3 dolls
USD $8.00

Never used before except to try once on my boy.
Comes with a case and wiping cloth.

2079 Realms Cute Animal Slippers for 1/4 and 1/3 dolls 
Choose from Pair of: Hippo, Rabbit, Frog, Dog, Monkey, Pig
USD $2.00 per pair

Apparently they are still too big for my tinies despite my hoping that the difference wont be too noticeable. I think they are handmade as two slipper within the same pair doesn't look quite the same. The quality is so-so imo. Please also note that these slippers are soft sole so there might be difficulties if you intend to pose your doll standing in these slippers.

More coming soon! >w<
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