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So I was around hunting for my first boy. I came across Homme Ivan and fell in love with his (sort of) dreamy look. To be safe, I looked around a while more, but I just kept coming back to him. Irrational as it sounded (well, I didn't have any experiences in the BJD hobby that time and had no access to DOA), I was worried he would be sold out and I'd lost my chance to bring him home. After a few more days pondering, I took the plunge! And after a month on agonizing wait, Daniel's finally home! (Sorry for the grainy and dark pictures as I could only open the box at night.)
Date: 26 April 2010, 8pm+++ (GMT+8)

The box~ finally!

DOD Silver box

Mummy-in-a-box and the loots

Candy wrap

His head looks like a mummified astronaut lolx

Close up of the default faceup. The photo didn't do it justice >_<

Daniel says "Hello!"
P/s: DOD gave me the default clothing for Kirill instead of Ivan lol

He's special because he's my first bjd.
♥ I love him so much!! ♥

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