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First thing first:

I'm so in love?!?!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

So I finally got the outfit I commissioned from Stacy's Pink Ocean. It is actually an cosplay outfit of Rong Zhi in the Chinese manga "Feng Qiu Huang"「凤囚凰」and I think Stacy's Pink Ocean managed to pull the design off. The outfit is very beautiful! I'd totally recommend their outfits; they look really awesome in person! 

The original design:

Actually, I've commissioned another outfit for Zak as I was thinking of keeping this outfit for another boy to cosplay Rong Zhi, since I decided to keep the original character, Gentoka, that I've initially planned for R. Zak when I first bought him. (Actually "Gentoka" was meant to be shelled into the scar-face version of Soom Hyperon but okay, messy dolly plan is messy so I'll just stop now before I confused everyone and myself further lmao!) Anyway, Zak will probably get another costume and wig change once those arrive (probably around October) and hopefully I'll get my Rong Zhi someday to wear this beautiful cosplay outfit too! (♥w♥) 

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